Quality Control

A Clean Environment

A clean environment makes an important difference in a person’s workday. An individual’s surrounding may have a profound effect upon their satisfaction and productivity.

I want to be Your Janitor conducts periodic inspections using our proprietary system and check sheets. These forms are customized for each Client’s facility and are maintained for use in evaluating our overall cleaning trends and are also used to evaluating our employees annually.


Our concerns are your concerns, our goal is to respond to concerns we receive from our Clients on the same day they are received. We maintain a twenty-four hour “hot line” if a client should have and emergency needing immediate attention.

I want to be Your Janitor solicits customer feedback and evaluation by sending a quarterly questionnaire (typically a return postcard) with the monthly invoice. This method is alternated with phone calls or emails to discuss satisfaction with our services and to determine if we can satisfy any additional needs for our clients.